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    ● 1989, YongLi plastic-rubber industry&commerce Co.,Ltd was set up.
    ● 2001, YongLi Industrial Belting Co.Ltd was set up and started to manufacture? light weight conveyor belts.
    ● 2005, YongLi Europe B.V. was set up in the Netherlands.
    ● 2006, YongLi set up the second manufacturing plant in Chongming,Shanghai.
    ● 2009, YongLi International Holding B.V. was set up in The Netherlands.
    ● 2010, YongLi set up a research and development department in the Netherlands.
    ● 2011.6, YongLi went public in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
    ● 2013.2, YongLi Korea Co.,LTD was set up in Seoul, Korea.
    ● 2013.12, YongLi Sp.z.o.o. was set up in Czersk, Poland.
    ● 2015.1, YongLi America LLC was set up in Indiana,USA.
    ● 2015.3, YongLi Deutschland GmbH was set up in Europe.
    ● 2015.9, YongLi ?sterreich GmbH was set up in Europe.
    ● 2016.10, PT. YongLi Indonesia Ltd was set up in Jakarta,Indonesia.

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