Multilevel energy storage and current converter


Application field of multilevel energy storage and current converter device
Energy storage at the generation side: load regulation, intermittent energy smoothing, new energy consumption improvement, power grid reserve capacity improvement, participation in peak regulation and frequency modulation.
Transmission and distribution energy storage: improve power quality, reduce line losses, increase grid reserve capacity, improve transmission and distribution equipment utilization efficiency, and delay capacity increase demand.
User-side energy storage: smooth load curve, load transfer, peak cutting and valley filling.
Emergency power supply system: it is in standby state when the power grid is normal, and can be started when the power grid is faulty to ensure the continuous power supply of loads.
Fire power supply, emergency lighting, energy feedback, etc.

Block diagram of multilevel energy storage and current converter system

    Topology of multilevel energy storage converter device is composed of grid reactor, converter power unit, battery, and the corresponding control and protection equipment, devices to 1700 v IGBT as the core, completely consists of no battery cluster parallel cluster of battery, use the converter ac side series, star or Angle after direct access to the 3.3 kV bus to 35 kV voltage grade.


Characteristics of multilevel energy storage and current converter

? Multilevel energy storage and current converter is suitable for various user requirements of a single machine more than 2MW;

? Without a boost transformer, it can be directly connected to the 3.3KV-35kV power grid;

? Low loss (less than 1%), high operating efficiency;

? Large capacity of single machine;

? Battery cluster without parallel connection, safer and higher utilization;

? Single cluster battery charge and discharge is safer;

? Nonblackouts (continuous) power supply function can be selected.

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